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Organization (Organization Reports) Introduction
Reports and data are important to all of us in our leadership role and as we build better strategies for the future.  We sat down with a number of board members from organizations to initially build the framework for reports so that the data provided would be helpful to show impact and reach.  Let’s unpack these reports. How to generate a report Select the report you wish to generate Select the date range for the report (cumulative - entire ServiceReef history, this Quarter, this Year, Custom date range) Select audience (your organization, your organization combined with your partner organizations, or entire constituency) Click “Generate Report" The Stats Report View global impact of your organization (zoom in and out as you please) Total participants  Total opportunities posted Total organization fans Total new participants (this period of time) Total countries reached Total profile visitors The Participant Sketch Report Quantity of participants per age group Interests by age group The Trends Report Frequency of opportunities (event date and registrations) Stories shared Site traffic Retention (new attendees, repeat attendees, lapsed attendees) The Participant Feedback Report Quantity of Stories Shared Quantity of Surveys Taken Survey Score Average All Feedback Comments The Finance Report Total Raised through ServiceReef Total Raised in Opportunities Total Direct Donations to Organization  Total Manually Entered Donations Total Cumulative Donations  Donation Trends Top Donation Origins by State Top Fundraised Events Remember to keep in the mind the date range of the report you are viewing - this is noted in the top left corner. 
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Organization (Partners) Introduction
This is a feature that our team loves as it creates such a powerful means for you to better manage the engagement points you give your community.  Here you can link your account with other organizations so that their opportunities populate on your pages.  Let’s give two examples to better understand how this works: Local High School and their Partners A local high school requires each student complete 20 hours of volunteer service per semester.  The school must approve the organization(s) a student would serve with for these hours.  Traditionally, the school would field these organizations and perhaps source lists of their volunteer times.  ServiceReef allows you to “partner” with these approved organizations so that their opportunities populate on the high schools page.  Once the high school approved the partner organization, there’s no need to manage or populate opportunities from that organization as they automatically populate in the high schools page.  Each partner organization is required to manage their volunteer opportunities through ServiceReef in order to make this work.  This significantly reduces time needed to source these opportunities and publish/promote them.  Now you have an automated means to provide your students with volunteer opportunities… all automatically and safely placed in your specific page. Local Church Very similar to above, but perhaps your church partners with a local soup kitchen and another international ministry.  You can link your account with these organizations so your congregation has immediate access to any partner serving opportunities.   Note - partner organizations must use the ServiceReef platform in order to build this partnership and populate opportunities in your page.