Enhanced Event Admin Permissions

Looking for more control on the admin controls for your events?

We've just built an enhanced feature set for your admins and the control they have in managing each of your events.  Here are the categories of admin permission settings:

  • General - General management of the entire event and the basic settings of the event (Requirements, Meetings, Marketing, Application Coupons, Forms, Participants, and Stories)
  • Manage Users - Permission to manage (and add/delete) event admins
  • Get Notifications - Receive automated notifications from ServiceReef (ex: new application, etc.)
  • Trip Finances - Permission to manage the trip finances (trip cost, due dates, etc.)
  • Participant Fundraising - Permission to view the totals for event participants (but not the specific donations given to each participant)
  • Donation Details - Permission to view the itemized donations for each participant and the respective donor for each 
  • Application - Permission to view and edit the event application.  NOTE: This is not managing the actual applications from trip applicants - this is management of the actual application.
  • Communications - Permission to manage (edit, create, send) email communications 


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