Selecting Team Members

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What are you looking for in your team members?  Take the time to map this out before you begin reviewing your applications.  Here are a few things to consider:

Qualities of your team members

  • What personality traits are we looking for?
  • Do they need to have certain professional skills?
  • How many is our ideal team size?
  • What if someone can’t make it?
  • What types of cultural awareness is needed?
  • What age ranges work best?
  • Is this a mixed gender event or just for men or women?
  • What expectations do you have for your team members (before, during, and after)?

Creating a grading scale

  • Write out each of the application areas by title (left column)
  • Make a sheet for each individual who applies
  • Score each individual with an objective tool like this
  • Discuss with review team each applicant and their score
  • Use comments area to expand your thought

Download the ServiceReef Score Sheet

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