Small Groups – SCHEDULE Introduction

Now let’s talk about group scheduling… and remember, the group can always come back in and change the date and time of their group. 

  • Start Date: this field is what allows for the group to go live and states when the group is beginning.  This helps people know how and when to register.
  • End Date: many groups will not have an end date, if not, just leave this field blank.  If your group is only meeting to go through a specific curriculum then perhaps you will want to set an end date.
  • Meeting Frequency: this field automates the frequency of the group and sets a note on the group for the next meeting to come.
  • Time Zone: this is important as we’re all over the map and we need to make sure our group’s time is correct… don’t forget to set this!
  • Start Time: we default to 7p as many small groups are in the evening but you can set this to any time of the day that fits you best. 
  • End Time: same as above


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