Embed Widgets

What is an embed widget?

Great question!  An embed widget is a small piece of HTML code that allows for content from another site to site natively inside of another website.  For example, in our case, you can display your entire trip list from ServiceReef right into your own organization's website.  

How do I embed this in my site?

Go to your organization's admin page and look for the navigation title "Embed Widget".  Here you will see options for various types of Embed Widgets.  Copy the HTML code and paste in your own website.  Publish and refresh your webpage and take a look how it looks with your brand new event table.  

What information is in the table?

ServiceReef includes the trip name, trip dates, trip location, button to apply, button to donate.  

Note: Secure trips do not populate on the table.

What types of Embed Widgets are there?

ServiceReef provides a widget for the following:

  • All Events
  • All Domestic Events
  • All International Events
  • All Organization Stories 

Why should we use an Embed Widget?

This is a great opportuntiy for you to share your events and your stories right on your own website.  A simple click allows the reader to dig deeper into your events and your stories.  

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