Small Groups – GENERAL Information Introduction

It all begins by gathering some basic information about your group.  Users can quickly set up a group in less than five minutes, but let’s talk through the various features and options that are available.

  • Group Name: Each group will come up with their own name, the first field allows each group to give a name.  We highly encourage groups to be as specific as possible if the group is open for others to join.  A cute name will probably just confuse people.
  • Group Description: Give your group a description.  Write about it’s purpose, who it’s for, goals, etc.  This is an open text field giving you the freedom to describe the group and help others understand what you are all about.
  • Group Type: There are three types of groups, essentially what privacy level you desire for your group.  Let’s unpack these quickly:
    • Public: these groups are publically listed for anyone to sign up for and they do not require the group leader to accept members who join. 
    • Closed: these groups still show up on the map and in the list but a new user must request access to join the group (and will then be given permission to view the other groups members and other information).
    • Private: these groups are not visible except to those who are given the specific group URL.  These operate the same as a Closed group while they do not populate on the search for groups pages. 
  • Registration Deadline: many groups have a deadline for people to register and sign up.  That’s simple… just place a date here and you’re set.
  • Cover Image: help build an attractive groups page with a compelling image or an image of your group.  Cover images help brand and make your group page feel more like home.
  • Location Title: this field is to give a title to a location (beyond the address).  For example, you might say, “Starbucks on Garden of the Gods Road” or “Café 920” or “Smith House”.  This fiel dis optional but helps people quickly see the location.
  • Address: yep… you know all of this!


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