Donor Story Alets

How many times have you wished for better ways to engage your donors?  And how difficult is it to provide something meaningful to donors?  We totally agree and feel your pain.  

ServiceReef is now releasing an automated email for donors to receive story alerts.  Here's how it works.... let's pretend Johnny is participating in a short term trip to Uganda.  During Johnny's fundraising he was able to invite over 50 individuals (donors) to help sponsor him on this adventure.  Now Johnny is actually on the trip to Uganda and each time he's able to find internet he posts a new story about his experience to ServiceReef.  Each time a new story is posted each of his 50+ receive an email about Johnny's story.  It's really that simple.  

Now donors are given a reason to step back into the story.  Consider this... wouldn't you want to read a story from someone you invested financial resources to send somewhere.  Of course you would!  Now each time a story is shared on ServiceReef, that individuals donor support are all engaged and invited back into the story... automatically.  

Please note that donors do have the option to opt out of these emails by clicking the link below the email to manage their email notification preferences.  


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