Fundraising - Do’s and Don'ts

What “TO DO” in Support Communication

  • Include a recent photograph in your letter.  A scanned photo, in the upper left hand region of your letter, would be appropriate.
  • Personalize each letter with the recipient’s name typed in. (include their name 2-3 times in the letter)
  • Include photos of yourself with others, community group or Bible study. Break down your letter into paragraphs. This makes the letter more attractive and easier to read.
  • Write a handwritten, personalized note at the end of the letter to give a personal touch.
  • Send letters to former employers, former teachers, etc.  You would be surprised how many non-Christians will contribute financially to your trip.
  • Telephone each person you contact by letter, especially if you mention in your letter that you will be contacting them.
  • Have at least two others proofread your letter checking for grammar, spelling, and reader comprehension.

What “NOT TO DO” in Support Communication

  • Don't write more than two pages as a maximum for your support letter.  If you end up with more than once page then print as a one-page, back-to-back letter. Since you will be following up these letters with a phone call, you can give additional information at that time.
  • Don't over-saturate your letter with Christian jargon or phrases.  Try to be as real and authentic as possible to communicate why you want to go on this trip.
  • Don't forget to keep a database, or a good list, of names, addresses, & phone numbers of the people that you have sent a letter to.  Keep it in a safe place!
  • Don’t forget to send out handwritten thank-you cards, emails (other forms of communication) upon receiving support responses.


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