Fundraising - Content of the Letter

Writing a good letter can be a challenge but here are a few points for how to construct your letter.  Remember to utilize the ServiceReef Personal Fundraising Page to publish your letter and/or video.

Introductory Paragraph

  • Briefly discuss your life over the past year
  • Introduce your plans for this opportunity / trip

Opportunity / Trip Paragraph

  • Describe this event, it’s purpose, and goals
  • Where & When will it take place
  • Mention what type of impact it will have

Personal Goals Paragraph

  • Describe your personal vision
  • Invite them into the story

Asking for Support Paragraph

  • Make a clear request for financial support
  • Be specific about the amount you need to raise
  • Provide a link to the ServiceReef page so they can go directly to donate
  • Explain where and how to give through ServiceReef

Closing Paragraph

  • Write a summary
  • Be sure to thank them
  • Include your contact information


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