Fundraising - Writing the Letter

Writing your Letter

There are good ways to write letters and there are poor ways to write letters.  Use this as a guide to construct your letter but always remember to make it personal.  Always mail your letter if and when possible.  Snail mail is rare and it’s far more personal than an email.

Following Up

It’s proper to follow up with your supporters after you’ve written and sent your initial letter.  We recommend calling them or emailing them a week or so after you’ve sent the letter.  Many people have great intentions to give you support, but the letter simply gets pushed aside in a busy life.  A gentle reminder and follow up can help bring that back to attention.  You don’t need to be pushy, just a simple note to ask if they received your letter and ask them if they have any questions about the opportunity. 


Removing the Hassle

Remember that ServiceReef allows online donations for team members saving both the team member and the donor a lot of headache in managing what they have raised.  If you email, be sure to include a link to the ServiceReef event page and let them know they can donate directly to you via the site.  Also let them know they can use that link for updates and stories. 

Pre-Addressed Envelope

If you do plan on writing letters with return envelopes, take the step to help them in returning a donation for your internship.  If you like, provide them with an envelope (stamped) that’s pre-addressed to your organization.  That helps them in not having to find an envelope and stamp and also helps ensure the letter goes to the right place. 

Inviting them to Journey with You

This is a good time to let people know about stories on your ServiceReef page.  This is a simple way for you to write in one place of all your experiences and learnings and invite all your supporters to connect with you this way.  Go ahead and have these set up so you can give them invitations in your letter.  Explain to them how this is for them to join with you through the entire process.  It’s also great accountability for you and an opportunity to honor them as supporters.  


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