Fundraising - A Starting Point

Knowing the Purpose behind Fundraising

While at first it certainly seems like fundraising is for the single purpose of raising money, it’s far more.  You are beginning a journey of inviting others along with you in this experience and allowing them to participate by means of giving financially, encouraging you along the way, and praying for you.  From the beginning, we have to see fundraising as an invitation for others to journey with us, not simply using people as a means to raise financial support.

Asking the Right Questions

This all starts by asking the right questions and placing yourself in the position of the person you are asking support.  The more you can respect the heart and dignity of the other person, the greater your success in inviting them into your journey.

  • How is this respectful to the person I’m asking for support?
  • How would l like to be treated if I were receiving this request?
  • How can I invite others into this experience with me?


It’s a Matter of Stewardship

It’s important to remember as well that all finances are simply on loan and we are given the opportunity to steward them well.  You are taking on the role of stewardship by taking in fundraising and using it for this opportunity.  Your supporters are also being stewards of their resources by giving them to you for this program.  But in the end, you are both stewarding your time, talent, and resources.  All of us are called to steward what we have well and here we see the common journey that you share with your supporters.  Just remember you are inviting them to steward what they have been given for something in your life.  


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