Opportunity (Admins) Introduction

This is one of our favorite features of ServiceReef because it empowers you and your team to manage an opportunity with ease by delegating responsibility and easily controlling who has admin permissions to various aspects of an opportunity.  

NOTE: You do have two levels of ServiceReef admins - the first is at the organization level and the second is here, at an event.  We will unpack event level admins in this posting.  

There are two admin options for event management.  You can allow the admin to have ability to edit the opportunity and/or the ability to get notifications.  Here’s what happens:

  • Edit Opportunity - Allows for the admin to change any data related to this specific event.
  • Get Notifications - Allows for the admin to receive notifications of new applications.

To add a new admin they must have created a ServiceReef account.  Once they have created a ServiceReef account you can search for their name and then add them.  Make sure to select the admin functions required.  And don’t forget to click save!


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