Setting Trip Cost

How do I set trip costs?

There are many variables to setting up a trip, and many just for the financial management of an event.  Thankfully you have a wide range of options for how you will set up your trip.  Let's unpack these more so they are not confusing.  

Where do I go to access this screen?

Your organization's ServiceReef account / Event management page / Financial 

Are there any costs associated with your event?

Most events have some cost (either for the participant to pay or to raise funds).  ServiceReef is first asking if there is some cost associated.  If yes, then click the YES option for the first question.  You will then have the option to enter the total cost of the event and the due date for the total amount.  

Are you going to allow donations?

If you select YES, then ServiceReef will automatically open the button on the trip page and the individual's page for allowing donations.  If you select NO, then ServiceReef will only allow for this individual to make payment for the event.  

What about application fees?

ServiceReef doees allow for application fees to be added.  We will unpack this in another post.  Two things for now - first, the application cost is not included in the overall trip cost that you enter here, and second, you must enter the value for this amount on the Application page for event set up.  


There are more financial features at your disposal within ServiceReef that we will explore in subsequent posts.  


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