Personal Donation Page

Did you know each team member has their own personal donation page?

We all know the challenges of fundraising for a missions trip... the letters, the emails, the follow up, and the thank you notes.  And it's not just the trip participant that has the challenge, we as trip leaders and organization leaders have challenges engaging our trip participants in their fundraising.  

Our goal at ServiceReef is to make this as simple as can be for the trip participant and the organization... but also to respect the donors as best possible.  Let's dive into a few features to help make this better for everyone.

Personal Donation Page

Every participant on your events have their very own personal donation page.  The user can customize their fundraising letter, load a cover photo, link a video, and present their own landing page for fundraising.

Team Stories

Stories that are shared by each member of the team all show up on the personal donation page.  We've done this in order for the donor to not only see stories shared by this person, but also the other team members.  

Donate Button

Each personal donation page has a simple and obvious donate button for others to give online to this individual.  Each time a donation is made this person's balance is automatically updated.  


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