Enhancements for the Week of May 2nd

General Platform Enhancements - Week of May 2, 2016

Merge Users

Every once and a while you will have someone who creates multiple ServiceReef accounts.  You now have a tool to merge users but note, you CANNOT undo this merge so make sure this is what you want.  You can find this tool in your organization's management page of Members, look for the large Actions button in the top right and follow the steps.


Admin Search

Enhanced the search tool for admins for more dynamic searching and the ability to search by either name or email address.


Fundraising Record Updates

Automated record updates once an organization refunds an application fee.


Trip Name on Master Application

The Master Application used to have the organization name at the top of the page, this is now replaced with the trip name for better user orientation.


Sub Account Clarity

Greater flow and visual imagery for use of sub accounts.  


White Label SEO

As a user may find a white labeled organization on the general label of ServiceReef, they will be automatically redirected to the white label for that organization.  This white label will then guide the rest of the user's experience even if they view an event for another organization who has a white label (unless they go directly to that new white label).  


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