Private Events

Sometimes you may desire even more security or privacy management for your events.  This release allows for an additional level of privacy setting on your events.  You can choose which level of privacy for every one of your events.  

Let’s breakdown the options:

  • Public - These events will show up on your organization’s directory of event, any export widgets, and any partnership pages.  This setting is the most open and available.
  • Secure - These events require individuals to have applied AND be accepted to the event before they can see the details of these events.  These events will display in your directory of events but will show with a title something similar to “Trip43253” to keep a privacy level for events that might be in places like a secure country. 
  • Private - These are identical to Secure events with an added layer of privacy where these events do not show up in any of your event directories (organization page, export widgets, partner pages, etc.).  In order to have someone sign up (and even know about) these events you must send them a direct link to this event.  

Whatever level or security or privacy you need, you can find an option.


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