I’m Home! Now What?

Taking simple engagement points after you’re home is essential.  The experience after any event can all but disappear if that experience isn’t stewarded well and the next step engagement points are not employed.  Here are just a few questions and things to consider as your encourage your team to keep engaging in their lifestyle of service.  Remember: these folks are now your alumni and some of your greatest advocates.


Continue to Study

Continue learning about this field, this organization, the issues you were serving, etc.


Cross-Cultural Experiences at Home

If it was an international trip then consider how you might stay engaged with a similar community right here at home.


Share your Story

Share your story online with photos so that others can be engaged with you and feel those emotions.


Recruit a Friend

Help recruit a friend to take a similar experience with this organization.  If it changed your life wouldn’t you want someone else to experience the same thing?


Keep in Contact with Your Hosts

Stay in contact with your host as you keep learning more from them and keeping them up to date with what you are doing.


Support and Prayer

Support your hosts through encouragement, donations, and prayer.


Sign Up for Another Event

Sign up for another event through this organization or someone else that matches your interest.  


Sponsor Someone Else to Go

Help sponsor someone else to go, encourage them, and help donate if possible. 


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