Debrief: Sharing Your Story

Now let’s work on that story you’re going to share with everyone once home.  This can be simple but we need some parameters and some rules of engagement.  While we are super excited about the experience we just had, we need to identify the response of our friends and family so as to have a successful debrief with them.  To do this we simply need to break down our story into four groups.  But no matter the length, the three major points from the page before can be your basic construct for how you share about your experience.  


30 Seconds

This is your most common story when someone ask you to tell them about your experience.  Have this one ready to go and if they ask for more details then you could easily jump into your 3 minute version.  Keep it simple and help them desire to learn more.


3 Minutes

Your 3 minute story is great for donors and a good body of content for your thank you note.  


30 Minutes

Your 30 minute story is great if you may have had a Sunday-school class or a school class that was supporting you on your trip.  These are great to support with photos and other media pieces.


3 Hours

This is great for about 1 or 2 friends who we can prepare in advance that we just want to unload the whole experience.  Offer to buy them a cup of coffee and be sure to prepare them in advance that you just need to unload and unpack everything.  These are special friends, be sure to thank them!


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