Final Debrief

What’s the win?  Team members can share a simple story... their story!

Your final debrief is critical and essential for how you steward your team and the relationships you all have.  ServiceReef would like to suggest a few key elements to hosting an effective final debrief session.



Collecting Memories
Ask your team members to share their stories, memories, relationships, highs, lows, lessons learned, and anything they can remember about their experience.  Have them write these on individual post-it notes and fill up a wall as they share.  Get it all out of their system and collect as much as you possibly can.



Meaningful to Others
Now have your team take those same post-it notes that are already on the wall and sort out which ones you believe are meaningful to other people... like the people you are going to be sharing your story with as you return home.  



My Three Things
Finally, have each team member focus the greatest points of impact from their trip into three or less major points or memories.  These are the foundations of their story and what they will share as they return home.


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