Preparing for Home

Preparing your team for home is an ongoing process that takes time and attention... most importantly, it’s a process that runs from before your event to well after everyone has returned home.  Let’s talk about a few things you might do in each key stage.


Before the Trip

  • Set the expectation that this is a temporary experience but a life-style of engagement is possible.
  • Read books of healthy service engagement before you leave to help set the heart right, like When Helping Hurts.


During the Trip

  • Stay consistent with daily debriefs
  • Talk about how people are going to use their lessons from this event once they get home


After the Trip

  • Follow up with opportunities to engage
  • Ask constituents how they are engaging now that they are home
  • Prepare your stories so each member is ready when asked, “How did it go?” and “What did you do?” 


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