Daily Debriefs

Daily debriefs are imperative to a successful team experience and for how you as a leader are helping your team unpack their experiences.  ServiceReef would like to leave you with just a few ideas for how to manage a simple daily debrief.


Highs & Lows

What were your high and low points from the day?  This opens up great discussion and allows you to see the unique perspective of each team member.



Have each team member share a photo they took that day and the story that went with it.  These are great stories to suggest they post to their ServiceReef page as well.



How did each member see their strengths used and purposeful in this environment this day?  How might they better use their skills the next day?


Remember When

It’s great to start a “remember when” board so that everyone can share in one place all the great memories, laughs, and touching points.  


Journal Learning

Often we will ask members to share from their journals what they are writing and what they are learning.  


Five Senses

Ask team members to share how their five senses have been engaged through the day and how they have felt about that.


Missing Most

Ask team members what they are missing most about their home country and how they are handling that.  This is a great question once home too about what they are missing about their host country.


Thankful For

Ask team members what they are thankful for in their lives and what this trip has helped bring to light their appreciation. 


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