Moving Participants

What happens when you need to move one trip participant from one event to another?

Many times there is the need to move a participant because they no longer could attend one event and need to move or perhaps the event had to be cancelled.  Whatever the reason, ServiceReef makes is easy to move participants from one event to another (and their fundraising too!).  

How do I move a participant?

Access your event and the participant directory for an event and then click the actions tab to the right.  Here you have an option to move a participant (from one event to another).  Make certain this is what you want to do (and who you are planning to move) before making the change.

What happens when we move someone?

The first change is that this participant moves from this current event and now shows up on the other events (both for you as an admin and for this participant).  Also, all of the funds associated with this participant migrate to this new event.  The participant status will change to pending now (no matter the previous participation status) allowing you to determine their status in the new event.  



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