Customized Opportunity Emails Introduction

We understand that the standard communications will not cover all of the touch points you need with you team.  To get started, click on the green “Schedule Email” button on the Communications tab of your opportunity management.  

Building your Email

  • Audience - Are you sending this to your opportunity participants, everyone who has applied, or to all who have donated?  The default is to your participants.  The donor selection will send an email to anyone who has donated to any of the participants of this opportunity (say for example you have ten team members and each have ten donors… this would generate an email to 100 people).  NOTE: These donors must donate to the participants through your ServiceReef organization account in order to populate in this email.
  • Message Subject - What shows up in the title bar
  • Message Body - Your message
  • Signature - Your organization’s name, your name, etc.
  • Attachment - Perhaps you need to send out a medical form or some waiver, simply attach that file here.
  • Schedule - You can either send the email immediately or set a date/time for the email to send.  To send immediately simply click the “Schedule Email” button.  If you select a date/time then the email will sit in your email directory and send on the specified date and time.  

We do recommend that you send a test email of your communication before sending out to your audience group - this simply helps you to make certain you’ve communicated what you intended to communicate.

Customized emails will be posted in a list on the Communications tab page allowing you a view to see all emails (sent email and future emails).  You can edit emails waiting to send.  


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