Where to Start in Posting a New Opportunity

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ServiceReef is built to handle many complexities of your organization and how you manage your service opportunities.  We will walk through every detail of these complexities through the ServiceReef Knowledge Base… but let’s start somewhere even bigger than the functional aspects and make sure we know the following reasons and answers:

  • What is the purpose of this opportunity?
  • Who are we aiming to serve?
  • Why is there a need for this team?
  • How are we partnering with those whom we are serving?
  • How much is this all going to cost?
  • Who are the idea team members?
  • Who is the team leader(s)?
  • How will we work to make our efforts sustainable once we’re gone?
  • How will we engage donors for this event?
  • How would donors like to be engaged?

There are many more questions we could ask but this is a starting point to lay down some foundations for establishing a healthy missions trip.  You will see that ServiceReef does far more than simply helping to manage the aspects of your serving/missions opportunities… we work hard to help guide your people to even greater steps of missional living or living out their faith consistently as they serve others.  

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Now a better way to manage passport! Managing passport information can be a challenge each participant may have a passport, may be applying for one, or even your favorites who don't even know.  ServiceReef has built a simpler way to manage passport data in a way that matches how your participants live life and manage their own passports.  Let's explore how this now works.   How do I make passport data part of an application?  A new field has been created in the application builder (both for the Master Application and the Event Application) to require passport field data.  You can drag and drop this block of data at any point into either of these applications.  We do recommend you not do both.  For most organizations this is best to keep at the event level as you may have a number of domestic events where a passport is irrelevant.  Once you have added this item you will also have the option to make these fields mandatory.   What information is collected? The fields include: Passport Status Full Name on Passport Passport Number Passport Date Issued Passport Issed By Passport Expiration Date Passport Image Upload (encrypted)   How do we access this information once it has been entered by the participant? If you add this as an application field, the data is accessible through the participants application and the export fields for your team.   Can the user update their information? Yes, ServiceReef dynamically links these question fields with the user's profile so they can go into their profile at any time and update any passport information.  You can instruct your participants to log into their accounts and find the Passport tab to the left of their account.