What is a Personal Profile?

Each individual who serves with or is connected with an organization will create a ServiceReef profile.  This is a simple process for users.  Personal profiles are required to register for an event, sign up for a small group, become an admin, or any other functional access to ServiceReef.  The only place where profiles are not required is signing up for a simple registration event where we only ask for your name and email.  The purpose of your account is for you to be building a lifelong journey of serving.  We'll explore this more further down this page.  We're just thankful you are engaging and making a difference in the world.  

Step 1 - Create an Account

You begin by creating a personal account on ServiceReef.  This can be done by clicking the Login button on the top right and following the prompts to create an account.  You will be prompted to create an account as you register for events as well (if this is your first time).  

Connect Missional.Life

​You will see a link to create your Missional.Life account directly from your personal dashboard.  This is part of your ServiceReef account and you will use your ServiceReef login to access your Missional.Life account.  Be sure to take this next step and share your missional story.

Step 2 - Dashboard

One of the first thing you'll see is your dashboard.  This screen displays your personal activity and gives quick links so some of your engagement.  Here you will find:

  • Key Stats

  • Your Tasks and Tracks

  • ​Missional.Life profile link

  • Upcoming Opportunities

  • and more...

Step 3 - Interests

The interest tab simply lets you share things that are of interest and excite you.  Here you can enter: 

  • Interests

  • Experiences

  • Skills

  • Passion Areas

Step 4 - Passport

The passport tab allows you to enter your passport information.  Here are a few things to know about this field:

  • ​If you enter your passport information here and your passport information is requested in a trip application it will profile your passport data on your application from the data you provide here.
  • If you complete an application and enter your passport information in your application, the system will update your passport information from your application here to your profile.  
  • If you update your passport information here it will update the information in your associated trip application data.  

This is a dynamic field designed to help make the data management of your passport information simpler.  

Step 5 - Notification Preferences

ServiceReef generates various system emails to help keep you informed.  These email notifications are designed to provide you key information while not becoming a nag.  Here you can control:

  • Day Before Event Reminder Email (on/off)

  • Week Before Event Reminder Email (on/off)

  • Event Admin Summary Email (on/off)

  • Weekly Event Updates (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, off)

Step 6 - Manage Opportunities

This tab is designed to provide you a snap shot of your upcoming and past opportunities.  If you are a trip admin this is a great place to find the trips you manage.  

Step 7 - Manage Household

ServiceReef allows for parents to manage accounts for their children in what we call Household account.  You can add members of your household here from your profile.  Learn more about household accounts.  

Step 8 - Groups

You can also access all of the groups you have joined from your management pages.

You are well on your way!

Creating your account is a simple process... but now it's up to you to engage.  Our hope is that you will find a wonderful opportunity to take that next step.