You have created your account, now it's time to brand your site and set up your preferences to make it feel more like home.  We recommend these six steps to help you see your site feel more like your brand.  You'll only need to do these steps once.

Step 1. New Account Check List

Upon creating your account you will see a page to help you connect your Stripe account (to manage finances) and quick links to your branding and to set up a short term trip.  You can access this page from Mission Control at any point as well.

Step 2. General Settings

You can always go back to manage your organization general settings.  You answered these questions as you completed your online profile to create an account.  Here you can change the following:

  • Organization Description
  • Organization Primary Contact Info
  • Organization Address
  • Terms & Conditions

Step 3. Media

The media tab allows you to enter your Twitter handle, Facebook page link, welcome video from YouTube/Vimeo, LinkedIn page, and more.  Use these to help people who serve with you easily share about you on your social media accounts. 

Step 4. Branding

You can customize your ServiceReef account by changing several key colors to your subdomain and loading your logo.  These elements help you brand your profile to align with your organization branding.  

Step 5. Custom Categories

Every organization and church have unique ways for organizing trips and data.  You may want to enter your own categories to ServiceReef such as campuses, global partners, ministry divisions, etc.  These categories help your members more easily search for opportunities and create another filter for you to use in your custom emails.

Step 6. Preferences

ServiceReef allows you numerous preferences to set for your organization.  Like all of these set up features, this may only be a one time page for you to view and customize but these are important settings for you to take into consideration.  Here you will find things like:

  • Organization default time zone
  • Default tab page
  • Display or show financial progress bar
  • CC household members of youth
  • Donation help text
  • Map settings
  • Google Analytics code
  • and more


You are well on your way to becoming a ServiceReef pro.  These steps above have helped you branding and set up your organization's account, now let's dive into setting up some short term trips and other mobilization tools.