A Detailed Overview & Explanation of ServiceReef

We understand the challenges and complexities of missions mobilization.  ServiceReef was launched as a “silent partner” for organizations like Southeast Christian Church, NorthPoint Community Church, Global Health Outreach, and other partners to help them mobilize people to missional living.  This began with the development of short term trip management technologies and has continued to grow.  We launched ServiceReef after working with hundreds of mission organizations and seeing these consistent challenges around management, administration, and mobilization.  Since we began we have continued to grow and add additional resources for mobilizing people to missional living such as a pipelines, tracks, Missional.Life, groups, long term missionary management, impact mapping, and more.  These have created an ecosystem of mobilization for organizations (churches, non-profits, sending agencies, and universities) to relieve stresses, increase efficiencies, and have a greater impact.  Let's unpack these various modules quickly here.  We're pleased to have seen more than 30,000 individuals engage in missions because of ServiceReef... individuals in your organization who are making a significant impact on the world.  


Short Term Trip Management 

ServiceReef offers a powerful tool for managing short term trips and all the aspects involved (soup to nuts as we say).  We have seen organizations reduce the time for managing a single short term trip from 150+ hours to less than 50 hours in most cases.  The platform offers tools for application management, team communications, admin role granularity, online fundraising, financial tracking and management, donor updates, meetings, form management, stories, budgeting, and more.  The goal of this module is to help streamline the process of preparation, trip management, and post trip engagement.  Each trip member is given a unique fundraising page and begins their own Missional.Life journey.  



This module is designed to move people down a path toward engagement.  If you’re familiar at all with Trello, this has a very similar approach to creating stages of engagement and cards for each individual in the process.  Organizations can have one or multiple pipelines (ex: preparation for long term missions, leadership development, etc.) to mobilize and mentor their people toward certain goals.  Pipelines have the ability to assign coaches for specific individuals, manage admin notes, snapshot view the individuals activity in this pipeline and others, historical views, and more.  This tool has been powerful for organizations to build strategic pathways of engagement and then intentionally walking people toward a goal in a visual environment.  



This module is essentially a grouping of tasks for people to complete.  Tracks create a combination of tasks (applications, financial, forms, general tasks, etc.) that track each person’s progress, set timeline goals, and more.  Tracks can be associated with Pipeline stages.  For example, you may have a Pipeline stage called Exploring where you want the individual to fill out an application, read a certain book, and have an interview.  You would make a track out of those tasks ask then assign that Track to the Exploring Pipeline stage.  As you move and manage people through Pipeline stages they would be auto-enrolled into a Track to complete those assigned tasks.  The objective here is to easy create task lists and to easy manage the progress of individuals toward those goals.  



Missional.Life has been one of the most exciting tools we have created.  This is more of the user-facing experience of ServiceReef and accessed through Missional.Life but all still runs on the ServiceReef platform.  The objective of this tool is for people to build their profile of missional engagement and to stay engaged in a missional life.  This has four basic stages: your identity, your history, your community, and your goals.  These profiles take 20-30 minutes to create but then help you then plot your next steps and importantly engage the community you’ve invited into your story (friends, family, churches, and sending agencies).  These are especially unique when white labeled (like for Urbana) where people associated with Urbana autofeed into a master story of an organization’s people’s engagement.  Think of it like a Facebook timeline but just with missional engagement points (prayers, stories, activity, etc.).  Individuals can create their Missional.Life profile early in life and see this follow them through years of missional engagement via various organizations.  The goal for this tool is to make missional living more “sticky” for young missionaries.  


Long Term Missionary Management

This module is designed to support and manage long term missionaries.  The core of this module manages what we call positions and fundraising goals.  Here you can manage all roles and positions while setting unique financial targets for missionaries and allowing for simple online donation management for those individuals (one time gifts and recurring).  As people support these missionaries they also become part of their Missional.Life community to stay up to date on their missional activity.  


Impact Mapping

This module is a tool to help plot missional impact points around the world for your organization.  People are visually driven, maps that can bring impact to life are a significant aide to helping people and learn about your organization’s global reach and impact.  This tool auto aggregates all your short term trips but you can also add project points, churches, offices, hospitals, partners, and more.  This map can be viewed on your ServiceReef profile or embedded on your website.  We have seen this significantly help paint a story for people and donors.  



The groups module is designed to allow for small group studies and gatherings.  Many churches use this tool for traditional small groups.  This can also be used to help groups of people in an organization walk through specific curriculums and discussions.  This module has tools to manage curriculum, discussions, enrollment, scheduling, and more.  This has been a great tool for organizations to gather people into groups to learn together and continue taking action in a missional life and faith.  



As we have partnered with other large organizations and churches we have built various integrations into their management systems.  Your data belongs to you and we want to make certain you have easy access to that data at any point.  The simplest access to your membership and financial data is through the platform.  From here you have access to download these data points at any point.  We have an API to access you data and auto-pull data at any point from the ServiceReef platform.  And then lastly, several organizations have built customized solutions for more complex integrations for things such as Single Sign On (SSO) and other integrations.  We understand the architecture of the world and technology today and work diligently to have our platform work well with your other management systems.  


Custom Development

By nature of the organizations we have partnered with over the years we have walked through multiple custom development projects.  The very nature of larger organizations is to have their own systems and processes which create nuances that require customization.  As long as the custom projects keep to the fundamental nature of the platform and the overall purpose of ServiceReef we are happy to explore any new features and direction you may have.  



ServiceReef has been pleased to work with many organizations like yours to help you relieve stress, build more scalable systems, and ultimately mobilize more people.  We understand the world of missions mobilization; it's been the world we've lived in for the past several decades as well.  We look forward to working with you to help see your impact on the world increase.